Saturday, 17 April 2021

Why I am afraid to speak English

After birth, a child expresses his thoughts through a few small words. When he speaks, he does not bother about Bengali grammar. Learning and telling from childhood both go hand in hand. Usually, within three to five years, he can express his thoughts beautifully. That means a child learns to speak in just five years of practice. But many of us can't speak English even after reading English from that playgroup to university. I panicked, scared. Many suffer from this problem even after graduation.

You can compare speaking English to cycling. Suppose you know about different parts of a bicycle. You have read about this year after year. But he never tried to ride a bike. You are having studied cycling all your life but can't ride a bike if you don't try to ride. The same thing applies to swimming. Speaking English is like cycling or swimming. Even if you learn English grammar year after year, you will not be able to speak English fluently unless you practice it.

How to overcome the shyness of speaking English. I was trying to give a few suggestions.

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1. Practice, practice, and practice

It would help if you had more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. There is no alternative to practice here. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

2. Listen to others

Notice that those who cannot hear cannot speak. This means that our ability to hear is linked to our ability to speak. Many people in our country can understand and speak Hindi very well because we tend to watch Hindi songs, movies, and TV serials. Similarly, watching many English movies, documentaries, watching the news, and listening to it with your mind can also help you develop a kind of skill.

3. Talking partner

It would help if you had more than one speaking partner' to practice English. Your friends, parents, children, siblings, anyone can be a 'speaking partner'. You can practice speaking English with them regularly.

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4. Don't worry about grammar

As I said at the beginning, a small child but does not think about grammar. She tries to express her feelings. At first, he tried to express his thoughts using a few words. But within a few days, he learned to speak fluently. When he makes a mistake, however, adults understand him by explaining grammar. Instead, say the correct sentence. Therefore, English grammar cannot be thought of in the beginning at the time of speaking. After gaining the ability to speak fluently, you need to try to talk slowly and accurately.

5. Think in English

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If you want to speak English spontaneously, you have to learn to think in English. Think in Bengali and then do not translate into English. Instead, think in English. Whatever you see, think of everything in English in your mind. If you practice like this for two months, you will go a long way.

 6. Speak simply

 Practice speaking with concise sentences at the beginning. There is no need to create complex sentences.

7. Make a talking video.

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Use the camera of the mobile as a mirror. Start talking in English about anything in front of the camera, capture the video. So start making three to two-minute videos every day. You can create up to 60 videos a month. Now compare video number 70 with video number 1. You will feel your improvement.


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Why I am afraid to speak English

After birth, a child expresses his thoughts through a few small words. When he speaks, he does not bother about Bengali grammar. Learning an...