Friday, 16 April 2021

The importance of English in career formation

The English language is vital as a universal means of communication and demand in the current job market. English is not just a language but a technology that is playing a revolutionary role. As the present world has become a global village, Bangladesh is also employing its skilled and qualified workforce. In this case, those who are aware of career formation, such as those who have studied English in addition to their subject-based studies have been able to reach their career destination successfully. The importance of English is not limited to school-college or academic curricula. Somewhat, its scope has expanded to different dimensions and new forms in various fields where it is needless to say 'linguistic and career-based English' instead of the same word 'subject-based English'. We ​​can speak a little bit of English in our daily life, but many of us have a shaky writing style. Many statements, including ' Statement of Purpose ', are not up to standard, from writing in university examination books to research papers, applications for fellowships, or scholarships abroad. Poor syntax and inconsistent language hold us back. There are very few words in English textbooks in the conventional education system that are being used over and over again. And how many of these small vocabularies can we use correctly? Due to the proper use of English regularly, we lag in English in education and career life.

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Observing the role of English in career formation in various competitive examinations in Bangladesh, job viva or interviews, employment in multinational companies and corporate organizations, online or freelancing business, translation institutes, and above all higher education or higher degree - the correct, practical, and practical aspects are easily observed. Guess what. In this article, the sound and practical aspects of the importance of English in career formation are presented-


English in Competitive Exams:


At present, English is so much that the use of English can be seen in the examinations of government and private jobs starting from the admission test of different universities. An admitted candidate or a job seeker has to have a thorough knowledge of English. Additional job tests formulate questions from various English elements such as English grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary or vocabulary through which the employer organization tests the job seekers' basic skills in English. Apart from that, the candidates' writing skills are verified by writing different types of Paragraphs, Letters / Applications, and Essays. Let's look at the current job tests such as BCS, bank insurance, and various NGO selection process. We can easily understand how important English plays a role in which a qualified and skilled candidate can go through his career stages.

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 Viva or Interview English:

Viva or interview is one of the essential steps in a candidate's career. At this stage of the recruitment process, the candidate is asked various questions. Through which English speaking, language use, and fluency are observed.

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One of the most common questions asked by a Viva candidate is to introduce yourself or introduce yourself. Apart from that, the candidate is asked questions related to national and international issues. In most cases, the whole process of answering questions on the viva or interview board is done in English. As a result, the candidate has to be spontaneous and proficient in speaking and understanding English.


English in multinational and corporate organizations:


Nowadays, multinational jobs, corporate culture, and English seem to be synonymous. The recruitment process in international and corporate organizations is often performed differently from government jobs where English is predominant. For example, in these multinational and corporate jobs, instead of a written or conventional recruitment method, an immediate presentation has to be made on a subject through which the candidate can check his / her in-depth knowledge of the subject as well as carefully observe how fluent the word choice and information is. Is done. Apart from that, the candidate has to perform Case Studz or cause analysis on a specific subject. And to do that is either Organized Language or the medium of speaking and writing English. To maintain one's professional position in the world of multinational or corporate jobs, it is necessary to have conversations with office bearers and colleagues on various issues. The office has to prepare multiple letters, tenders, and other documents where the English language is required to a large extent. In a word, improving a candidate's corporate career depends on the candidate's English language skills and how he uses them fluently in his professional life.

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